Smoothie Maker Blender Set

Melissa & Doug

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Whip up delicious playtime smoothies with this pretend play blender! Use the wooden knife to slice and wooden fruits and vegetables, choose other healthful ingredients, like kale or protein powder, and pop them in the blender. Add a dash of pretend milk, spin the dial to blend, pour into a cup with lid and straw, and serve! There's a double-sided reusable menu card for taking orders, and cup inserts to add realistic color to smoothies. Any time is a good time for a smoothie!
  • 22-piece pretend play blender set with base, jar, and lid, and play food ingredients
  • Includes wooden fruit and vegetables to slice, kale leaf, protein powder disc in a pouch, milk carton, 2 double-sided cup inserts
  • Take orders on double-sided reusable menu card, slice ingredients with wooden knife, serve in cup with lid and straw
  • A great way for kids to learn about nutrition, colors, counting, and to build fine motorand social skills
  • Makes a great gift for preschoolers, ages 3 to 6, for hands-on, screen-free play

  • WHAT AM I?: Identify the blender and cup pieces and talk about what each is used for. Review the food pieces, saying the names and colors aloud, and describe what each tastes like in real life (sweet, juicy, crunchy, etc.). Which are favorites?
  • PATTERN POWER: Slice to separate the fruit and vegetable pieces, then mix them up. Create a pattern by placing one of each in a row and then repeat in the same order until all the pieces are used. Make patterns by stacking the pieces into towers, too!
  • SHAKE SHOP: Imagine owning a shake and smoothie shop! What would its name be? What would it look like and what kind of food would be served with smoothies? Make logos, signs, and advertisements for the shop.
  • PICK SOME FRUIT: Place one of the inserts into the cup, then drop in one piece of each fruit. Snap the lid on the cup and shake it up! Remove the lid and, with eyes closed, reach in, choose a piece, and guess what it is by feel alone!