Paper Craft Crazy Critters Book

Children's Museum of Virginia

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Crazy Critters are roaming the earth, looking for a home. Won't you adopt them? Meet 24 wacky creatures in this fun paper craft activity book and bring them all to life! From Captain Crabby to Which Way Wanda, follow the step-by-step instructions to create zany 3-D models for play and display!

  • Paper Craft Crazy Critters is packed with colorful punch-out creatures and complete instructions for assembling them into 3-D models
  • Kids will have hours of fun crafting these kooky critters!
  • Illustrations are provided for most of the steps to help kids along
  • Sturdy paper is perforated and scored for convenience
  • No cutting necessary
  • Just punch out the shapes, fold, and glue!
  • 96 pages
  • Covered wire-o bound
  • Ages 8 +