Images of America: Norfolk Naval Shipyard

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Norfolk Naval Shipyard has a long history that predates the United States of America. Founded in 1767 as the Gosport Shipyard, it has been burned and rebuilt three times, once to prevent it from getting into the hands of the newly independent state of Virginia and twice during the early years of the Civil War. It has been in continuous operation since it was rebuilt after the American Civil War. Specializing in repairing, overhauling, and modernizing ships and submarines, it is the largest industrial facility owned and operated by the US Navy. Historic photographs from the archives of the Navy History and Heritage Command, the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum, and the Norfolk Naval Shipyard Public Affairs Office tell the story of one of the largest shipyards on earth and exemplify what American hands are capable of creating. These images serve as a reminder of the past for those who were stationed or worked at the shipyard, preserving history for future generations.