Splash & Bubbles: So Many Sea Creatures

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A colorful, plush fish tail on the spine beckons readers to dive into this board book about the underwater world of The Jim Henson Company's Splash and Bubbles! Preschoolers will learn to count from one to five, and a little bit about ocean life, too.

Splash introduces readers to many amazing creatures on a tour of the reef in this simple concept board book! Touch his plush tail on the spine and dive into a conversational text that covers not only numbers and counting from one to five, but interesting facts about all of the creatures Splash and readers meet along the way. Counting concepts are driven home in eye-popping bold illustrations. 

In the series of books based on The Jim Henson Company's Splash and Bubbles on PBS Kids, Splash, Bubbles, and their friends explore the world’s undersea habitats, make new friends, and learn about the many different ways life looks and lives in the ocean, celebrating the importance of diversity along the way.