Marble Run Wacky Lights and Sounds - 60 pc

Children's Museum of Virginia

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This vibrant Lights & Sounds Marble Run comes with 50 complete translucent pieces that allow you to see the marble action from top to bottom as the 10 glass marbles make their way down the set.  It includes a fun patent pending Lights & Sounds piece that plays 14 wacky sounds when the marble hits it. We have also included a number of other premium pieces in this set including our 360 degree loop, Waterslide, 1/2 Circle with wheel and 2 Wide Arches that give critical stability to the set.


  • 50 see-through building pieces
  • 12 action pieces
  • 6 large action pieces
  • 10 marbles (standard toy size)
  • One patent pending Lights & Sounds piece with 14 wacky sounds

All Marble Genius Marble Runs Include:

  • Free Marble Genius App with instructions and challenges
  • Exciting action pieces for interactive play
  • Kid-friendly connectors that are easy to assemble
  • Multiple build-on options (All Marble Genius Marble Run sets and Marble Maze games are compatible.)
  • Ages 3+