Children's Museum of Virginia

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This wacky, 9-foot-long talking tube with oversized bells has the magical ability to expand your child’s communication skills and encourage live improv! Simply stretch out the crinkled tubing to create a ginormous acoustic apparatus with unlimited pretend play possibilities. Order take-out from your pillow fort, conduct a top-secret spy operation, or play a “guess that sound” game from another room! The included guidebook offers play tips and ideas. 

  • It’s a 9-foot-long talking tube with big bells to encourage fantastical, creative games for kids.
  • Encourages speech and language development, vocabulary, creativity, self-expression and both cooperative and imaginative play.
  • Includes 4 28" long crinkle coils, a 9.5” diameter bell, a 4.5” diameter bell and one guidebook.