Brain Connect Game

Children's Museum of Virginia

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Think fast, act fast, and try to get your brain on track! Pass a sliding puzzle to each player, place one of the action cards in the center of the playing area, and then have everyone switch two of the tabs on their board from red to green. At the same time, everyone passes his/her sliding puzzle to the player to his/her left. Then - Let the fast-paced brain-busting begin! Slide the squares as quickly as you can, one at a time - You must try to connect the two green spaces with one continuous red line first! Whoever completes the puzzle AND the action first wins 3 points. The first player to win 10 points wins the game! (Want an even tougher challenge? Flip the action cards over to reveal challenges where certain squares have to be arranged in certain positions before solving.) 
  • Game of racing to solve a sliding puzzle challenge
  • Encourages logic, spatial reasoning, problem-solving, critical thinking, quick thinking
  • A classic brainteaser becomes a thrilling competition
  • Players slide two of the tabs on their sliding puzzles from red to green and then pass them to the left
  • Players race to create a solid red line connecting the two green tabs
  • First to complete the puzzle must also complete the action on the challenge card - Do both to win 3 points
  • First player to win 10 points wins the game
  • Alternate way to play - Flip action cards over to reveal challenging starting positions for tiles
  • Includes 4 sliding puzzles, 48 challenge cards
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High quality materials - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay
  • Ages 8+