BLLÖX Stacking Race Game

Children's Museum of Virginia

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  • Each Player gets 5 blocks. Flip over a card and race to build what you see! See, Slap and Stack!
  • A fast-paced stacking race for the whole family! 2-4 players. Ages 6+. Bllöx is the world’s fastest and wackiest stacking game!
  • Bllöx helps build and improve dexterity, fine and gross motor development, color recognition, pattern recognition and more…but most importantly, it is heaps of FUN for the whole family!
  • Bllöx includes 20 FSC (this means environmentally friendly!) wood blocks in 5 colors and 42 stacking combination cards. If you want to sprinkle some crazy on your game of Bllöx, we’ve also included a 36 card wacky pack. This pack provides 36 wacky and creative ways to play…such as stacking on a body part, stacking while hopping on one foot and stacking with your eyes closed! You can play Bllöx as individual players or teams. Both ways are sure to get you laughing!
  • Ages 6+